Here are a couple of ways you or your organisation can get involved to equip and support the children from the SA Children’s Home.

Staff support

Ensuring the well-being of our dedicated staff at The South African Children’s Home is paramount to sustaining a positive and effective environment. We appreciate and value the contributions of our team, providing ongoing support, training opportunities, and creating a collaborative atmosphere to foster their professional growth and personal satisfaction in serving the children under our care.

Educational support

Transforming the lives of children at The South African Children’s Home requires dedicated individuals to volunteer their time for educational support. Join us in creating a nurturing environment by utilising educational opportunities wisely and establishing dedicated study practises for the children. Your active participation will not only enhance their academic success but also contribute to the development of crucial life skills, laying the foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Reading and sports

Volunteering to read to our juniors on a weekly basis at The South African Children’s Home is a rewarding opportunity to ignite a love for literature and foster a sense of connection. Your commitment to sharing stories not only enhances their educational journey but also creates meaningful moments that contribute to their overall well-being and development.

Volunteering to provide sports training, whether in ballet, soccer, or swimming, at The South African Children’s Home is a fantastic way to promote physical fitness and teamwork among the children. Your expertise in these activities not only contributes to their physical well-being but also instills valuable life skills such as discipline and resilience. By volunteering your time to impart these sporting skills, you play a crucial role in creating a holistic and enriching environment for the children to thrive.


Supporting The South African Children’s Home requires dedicated volunteers for crucial services. Educators can enhance learning through tutoring and workshops, mental health professionals offer counseling, healthcare volunteers address medical needs, and those with administrative skills contribute to efficient operations. Your involvement in these essential services plays a pivotal role in creating a nurturing environment for the children, fostering their well-being and overall development. Consider joining us in making a meaningful impact.

Job shadowing

Facilitating job shadowing opportunities for the children at The South African Children’s Home allows them to gain valuable insights into different professions, inspiring them to envision and explore potential career paths. Your support in providing these opportunities nurtures their curiosity and ambitions, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future. By participating in job shadowing, you contribute to shaping the aspirations and potential career trajectories of these young individuals within the home.

Therapeutic and medical support

Professionals offering therapeutic and medical support at The South African Children’s Home play a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of the children. Trained therapists provide counseling for emotional development, while medical practitioners offering free or discounted services address their specific healthcare needs. Your commitment to providing these essential services contributes significantly to creating a nurturing environment where these children can thrive. Consider joining us in making a lasting impact through your skills and support.